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Rod Nugent

Rod is the rather oily and acquisitive owner of Nugent’s World of Goods, a crammed and eclectic Henderson second hand store. Rod prides himself on his eye for a bargain. He comes by his goods in a number of ways, some of them less than legal.

Rod drives a hard bargain with the crims. (Well, they knew the score: he would dob them to the cops in a heartbeat if they started to get difficult.)

Rod’s other main line of trade is as pawn broker, taking goods from the indebted and the desperate. And there are a fair few tears when the punters can’t afford the price to get back Granny’s valuables, or their precious jewellery - but Rod sees no point in getting sentimental over losers. Margins are tight, and he’s not a bloody social service.

But with your more attractive lady, Rod is prepared to come to some arrangement, which usually means a blow job out the back of the shop. Perks of the job...