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Carol is the wife of Phineas. She is chatty and scatty, and always aims to please. She is also quite sentimental. If she talks a mile a minute about any given topic, this is partly to cover her nerves.

Carol likes to pretend that her husband has a real job, because talk of crime also makes her nervous. She does her best to get along with the other wives, even though her asparagus rolls are the butt of jokes, on account of being soggy.

She is rather scared of Ngaire, and in awe of Rita. And Carol never knows which to side with - though she knows she will always be offside with one of them.
Carol works as a hairdresser, because she likes to keep busy – and also she loves to hear about the lives of her clients, many of whom have children.

Carol desperately wants a child, but unfortunately this has not happened. Carol feels that this may be her fault. This view is shared by her mother-in-law, who believes it’s God’s punishment because Carol is only Catholic by marriage.


Carol O'Driscoll