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Cheryl Miller

The future Cheryl West is in her late-teens – 18 or so – when we first meet her.Her family have bought the dairy nearest the West house, for her mother Trish to run while her father is away on business – which he is, a lot.

We know a lot already about the older Cheryl – passionate; determined; earthy; tells it like it is – but while many of those traits will, obviously, still apply, what we’re dealing with here is the prototype, the young woman who will evolve into the leopard-print Queen of West Auckland.

The first thing we need to know about young Cheryl is that she is the smartest one in her family.This doesn’t equate to book-learning (it will take until Jethro for education to be part of the West clan DNA).In fact being smart seems to get Cheryl into even more trouble at school, hence her being sent off to boarding school (Woodford House), where she might shape up and stop getting her sisters into trouble.

No, the smarts we’re talking about here involve Cheryl being the one to come up with the idea; having the power to persuade her sisters – Jeanette and Mandy – to help implement the idea; and then being the one with the escape strategy when the shit hits the fan, leaving her sisters to take the (initial) blame.

Despite being the middle child, Cheryl is the dominant force among the three Miller girls.This tells us she is adept at manipulating people; and that she loves playing games with them.Because she is young she still sees this as something fun, and has yet to learn that there are consequences when you toy with actual real people and their emotions.

Cheryl is pretty – and she knows it; and she is learning how to use that to her advantage. And also because it is fun and she has discovered that sex, when done right, is even better fun.Cheryl, in other words, is no shrinking violet; and is not backward about coming forward.

But do not let all this fool you that Cheryl is a plotting, scheming demon-child.No, she is the same being of heart and instinct that we will see in the future version of Cheryl West.She fell in love with Wolf at first sight and that love is – as we know – real and deep and abiding.Cheryl’s is a heart that feels things strongly, and the force within her to follow what that heart tells her to do is strong.

Very very strong.