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Lefty obtained his nickname because he only has one testicle. This obstacle has not held him back. Lefty is a sexy beast, who believes in his own myth of being the cool guy, the leader. Lefty is sociable, lazy and an opportunist. He gets on with the lads – but what he really loves is the ladies.

Lefty was happy to have Ted do the work, until his wife pointed out that he’d dropped the other ball. Ted was taking over! Lefty was a little put out, but still believes that he is the driving force behind the gang’s success – and now is his chance to prove it.

Lefty is driven by his own ego; but also by Ngaire. He is in equal measure scared of her and in thrall. He escapes the ball and chain as often as possible, and has had a string of affairs. Some of which have ended badly…


Lefty Munroe