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Ted (Theodore) is wiry, sharp, and a keen observer of everything around him. He is always snappily dressed, his one real point of vanity. Ted is neat and meticulous, and likes order – it goes with the job description.

By trade, Ted is apparently a locksmith – well, he has a van for the purpose and he could probably get you into your house if you lost your key. In fact, Ted can get into most houses - but he sees house breaking as small fry, and beneath his abilities – and principles.

His real talent is as a safe cracker, and he prides himself on the proficiency, even poetry, of his work. Ted is a very proud man, who has raised himself up from poverty by his wits and hard work, and through his own code of professional conduct.

Yes, Ted is a criminal by some standards, but by his own standards he’s a man of honour, who believes in hard work and loyalty. He is utterly loyal to his comrades, and is a committed Labour voter. Ted believes in the power of working men (even when the work done by those men is not sanctioned by the law). But Ted also has a healthy respect for coppers. They are naturally the enemy – but any good war always has one. (Ted was born in 1939 – so wartime and its deprivations and codes are still a living memory.)

Ted joined his associates as a young buck, fresh off the West Coast, and quickly rose through the ranks to out-rank Lefty Munroe, who has a nose for an opportunity, but not the same degree of intelligence. Ted, though slight, quickly commanded respect for his ability to pull jobs and his attention to detail - also his rude jokes, and absolute dependability. Lefty has such a healthy ego that he wasn’t aware of the power shift for quite a while.
Emotionally, Ted is somewhat closed off. He’s had girlfriends, naturally - but by nature he isn’t trusting, particularly of women. But then he met Rita: bewitching, ambitious, extraordinary. He’d never met such a creature - and married her after a whirlwind courtship, when she was aged only 16. Rita is his muse, and his torment, and his passion.

Their relationship is stormy, but whenever Ted has any moment of doubt – the thing he does know is: he will love Rita to the end of his days.